Driver With Felony Warrants Arrested, Stolen Vehicle Recovered – StarChase Successfully Deployed

21-647 Uniform Narcotics Officers contacted a male standing next to a freshly painted vehicle bearing a license plate that was registered to a stolen vehicle. As Officers contacted the male he got into the truck and began driving away. Because the location is known for stolen vehicles, the truck was freshly painted, and it did not match the color of the vehicle registration, Officer’s suspected the vehicle was stolen. Officers deployed the StarChase from approximately 8 feet away and it successfully stuck to the license plate of the vehicle. Officers pulled off and stayed out of view of the vehicle until it came to a stop in a mobile home park. Officers approached the vehicle and parked next to it. The driver got back in the vehicle and drove off, striking the Patrol vehicle while it was occupied by two Officers. The driver then continued to another location where he parked the vehicle and fled on foot. The vehicle was located in the parking lot. The driver was identified and found to have multiple felony warrants for his arrest.