Real-time Mapping Platform

CoreView, our secure Real-time Mapping Platform, enables you to track, monitor, and manage your vehicles, assets, and people securely and efficiently via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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360 Degree Asset Tracking, Visibility, & Reporting

Our encrypted Real-time Mapping Platform for Public Safety is the centerpiece of our GPS-enabled public safety solutions. Combined with top technology providers from Amazon & Google, our service is unmatched in the industry. CoreView RTM also delivers meaningful, customizable reports that allow you to replay an entire event or know your team's location in an instant.
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Multi-platform security and data encryption allows organizations and agencies to work securely from any device.


Secure data can be accessed or shared with neighboring jurisdictions, enabling increased tactical coordination, enhanced situational control, and interagency cooperation.

API Integrations

Advanced integration with third-party providers allowing for a customizable and seamless experience to fit any agency needs.

Best Breed Technology

A trusted resource, our real-time mapping platform is hosted on AWS Gov Cloud and Google Maps with evolving feature sets based on valuable insight from our Law Enforcement partners.

Key Features

StarChase Real-time Mapping Platform is user-friendly yet provides full asset tracking, complete tactical intelligence, and customizable reporting capabilities.

Real-time Asset Tracking

On demand location tracking of critical assets and their precise location

Geofence Zones

Utilize Geo Zones and Funnels to detect outside boundary movements

Custom Alerts

Setup custom alerts like speed, battery, and Geo Zone crossing.

Reporting & Analytics

Access real-time reports and statistics to analyze location and asset movements

Intuitive Dashboards

Use dashboards to deliver a quick snapshot of location tracking events

Mobile Optimized

Access real-time mapping from any device with an internet connection

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