Handheld GPS Launcher

A mobile vehicle tagging solution, our Handheld GPS launcher enables your agency with the flexibility of a platform that can be deployed from dismounted positions.

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A Multifunctional Solution Built For Portability

The Handheld GPS Launcher provides a mobile alternative to our Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher. With the same great features and functionality in a hand-held platform, the Handheld GPS Launcher provides an additional safe alternative for law enforcement during pursuit-related events.

DUI Checkpoints

Allows patrol officers to tag and monitor drive-offs, suspect vehicles and security checkpoint threats safely

Auto Theft Recovery

Assists in tracking and recovering stolen vehicles minimizing the risks inherent in a traffic stop

Patrol Operations

Enables patrol teams to conduct covert operations safely and effectively

Key Features

Combined with our real-time mapping platform, our Handheld GPS Launcher provides a powerful tracking tool at the ready.

Compact Portability

Complete with carrying case and accessories, our Handheld GPS Launcher is compact and ultra-capable


Non-lethal rated and safe for use in close quarters situations where command control is required

Precision Designed

Designed for precision and accuracy guided by our cylindrical GPS rifling and Tacticon Optics

Multi Shift Battery Life

At full charge, you have enough power for a full day of shirt rotations plus rechargeable battery packs

Multi-Range Capabilities

Effective range of 10 to 40 feet provides a wide range of operating conditions and tactical scenarios

Familiar Footprint

Mil-Spec AR15 lower assembly creates an experience familiar to government agencies and law enforcement

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