GPS Tracking Tags for Public Safety

Our GPS Tracking Tags for Public Safety allows for a fleeing suspect's safe apprehension with continuous tracking and unprecedented visibility.

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The First GPS Tag with Smart Technology

StarChase GPS Tags for Public Safety allows suspects to be tracked and apprehended without being pursued at dangerous speeds during vehicle pursuits. The tag sends updates every three to five seconds, allowing for close surveillance of suspect vehicles and providing air and ground support with tactical monitoring capabilities. Tagging with StarChase GPS Tags for Public Safety also allows for a reduced but effective response in the use-of-force continuum, enabling agencies to facilitate safer outcomes by allowing officers the opportunity to evaluate the situation and respond tactically.

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Location Tracking

Key Features

With over 10,000+ deployed, our StarChase GPS Tags for Public Safety is changing the way high-speed pursuits are managed. Here are some key features and specifications.

Real-time Tracking

GPS tag provides real-time tracking for a safe risk reducing response

Smart Sensors

Sensors report temperature, arming cycles, relative position, and other critical data points

Speed Detection

Speed, distance, direction travelled are monitored and reported in near real time


Tags are non-permanent and contain a proprietary attachment technology

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