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We create unique less-lethal tools dedicated to improving officer and community safety. All of our GPS solutions for public safety empower law enforcement agencies with the means to manage threats, balance policy, and reduce risks.

4th Amendment Compliant

The American Civil Liberties Union weighed the benefits of GPS tracking technology when used during police pursuits against the privacy interests of the suspects attempting to flee arrest. The ACLU report says the StarChase technology “has the potential to obviate the need for high-speed pursuits by police cars through cities and towns, which are dangerous and kill hundreds each year, with a third or more of those fatalities being innocent bystanders.”

ACLU's Determination

StarChase technology was reviewed and given “approval” by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Download and read more below:

You can't have great products without an amazing team!

Training and support all based in the United States. The same team that builds the products and services is the same competent staff that is here to support you and your agency.
Unmatched Support

Our team offers installation, training, and ongoing support to help you navigate our GPS Solutions for Public Safety.

Premier Training

Our team provides tailored agency training, including initial agency integration, complete onsite training, and operator train the trainer modules.

Products Built with Passion

Our team's spirit and dedication are built into every product we build and support. Here is a little about what fuels their passion at StarChase.
``If you look at the scope and the application of each agency tag, there's a story behind each. The fact that I am part of this response team makes me feel proud.``

Prasanna Sajjan

Engineering Department

``As former LE, I think of the officers I have served with, I think of how we protected each other and how they protected me. It is a great feeling knowing that I can still protect them.``

Vanessa Hregdovic

Sales Department

``To me, building our technology represents all the opportunities we've had as a company to make a difference in our community and protect our law enforcement heroes.``

Clarence Frango

Production Department

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