Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher

Built for law enforcement, the vehicle-mounted GPS launcher is used by agencies worldwide as a safer, more effective alternative to pursuits.

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Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher

The vehicle mounted GPS launcher deploys a GPS tracking tag onto a suspect’s vehicle. Once the GPS tag sticks to the vehicle, it communicates positional data to the CoreView mapping platform in real time.

Law enforcement can then plan and coordinate an informed tactical response to make a safe arrest while maintaining community and officer safety.


Successful Tags Deployed

Used Globally

Proven Worldwide Customer Base

Non-Lethal Technology

Rated Non-Lethal Alternative

85% Apprehension Rate

10 Years of Success & Counting

Key Features

The vehicle mounted GPS launcher has the ability to tag, track, and locate without compromising officer and community safety. Explore key features of the safest way to apprehend suspects during high-risk vehicle events.

Enhanced Operations

Highly adjustable controls allow easy launcher adjustments for precise accuracy


Built to withstand law enforcement use

Tactile Controls

Tactile/audible controls designed for safe, eyes-up operation

Secure Cloud Technology

AWS Gov Cloud certified

Real-time Mapping

Real-time asset monitoring powered by Google Maps and other platforms

Multiple Vehicle Platforms

Can be installed on virtually any vehicle

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