Dearborn Heights PD’s New Equipment Boosted by Grant

Dearborn Heights Police get $130,000 grant

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Virginia Beach, VA, Dec. 8, 2023 — StarChase has had the recent honor to work with the Dearborn Heights Police Department in Michigan and the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority. We are excited to be part of this agency’s commitment to safeguarding their community and officers.

Monetary support of $130,000 will be used to fund the StarChase technology and other programs and comes from the city’s insurance carrier – Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA). The MMRMA continues its commitment to enhancing public safety through such grants.

Dearborn Heights Police get $130,000 grant

New Public Safety Equipment Overview

A major chunk of this grant will be dedicated to reinforcing the department’s Operational Recording System. For instance, body-worn cameras that are instrumental in ensuring transparency during law enforcement procedures are one key area where funds will be allocated.

In-car recording systems form another important component under consideration. These play an indispensable role in police operations and with this help, their numbers within the force can increase significantly.

Introduction of StarChase System

The remaining funding is slated for introducing innovative StarChase technology. The Dearborn Heights police department will be leveraging GPS-based tracking capabilities to de-escalate risks associated with high-risk vehicles and vehicle pursuits. Very soon StarChase technology will be on patrol in Dearborn enabling officers to tag and track suspects while greatly reducing risk for themselves and their community.

Impact on Operational Recording System

The grant is set to give a significant boost to the Dearborn Heights Police Department’s operational recording system. The aim is to enhance their current resources, but let’s break it down into more detail.

The StarChase system is a proven law enforcement technology that transforms how police departments handle high-risk vehicle situations. With this revolutionary tool, officers can now attach a GPS tracker to a suspect’s car during pursuit, back off, and make the arrest on their terms without the need for dangerous pursuit. Gone are the days of letting the suspect just drive away or engage in a dangerous pursuit.

Advantages of GPS-Based, Real-Time Tracking

This method provides two key benefits: safety and accuracy. First, it reduces the inherent risks associated with high-speed chases. Think about those movie scenes where cars speed down busy streets—thrilling on screen but terrifying in real life.

Apart from reducing danger, it also increases precision in tracking fleeing suspects. Imagine playing hide-and-seek but you have your friend’s location shared on your phone—it makes the game much easier.

In fact, the Dearborn Heights Police Department has already planned for its implementation within weeks thanks to MMRMA’s helpful funding support. So soon enough we’ll see these advantages put into practice.

Response from Dearborn Heights Police Department

The grant’s announcement was met with appreciation by the department. Paul Vanderplow, Director of Support Services, didn’t shy away from expressing his gratitude.

“We’re extremely grateful for this financial boost,” he stated. “The new equipment will allow us to provide an even better service to our community.”

Vanderplow also expressed excitement about the deployment of the StarChase System. This innovative technology is set to revolutionize police operations and take them into a whole new era of efficiency and safety.

This GPS-based mapping/tracking system has been making waves in law enforcement circles due to its ability to reduce risks during vehicle pursuits. And now, thanks to the grant, it’s on its way to Dearborn Heights.

This $130K boost is more than just money; it signifies our commitment to innovation and excellence in policing practices. And with reduced operational costs on the horizon, that’s something worth celebrating!

In essence, this grant for new equipment symbolizes a brighter future for Dearborn Heights PD…and its citizens alike.