Hawk Point works on new police policies

By Liz Dowell, lincolnnewsnow.com

Hawk Point, Mo. – The Hawk Point Board of Alderman discussed new police policies at their mandatory monthly meeting on May 8.

The new policies will require more training, but in the end, Hawk Point will be able to assist the town and other agencies more efficiently.

“We have been working on the police policy as you know,” said City Attorney Cindy Davenport. “When we started on it, it was such a big task. We decided we would start with the third chapter, which is the most likely thing that we would have problems with.”

This chapter covers use of force, handcuffing, control devices and techniques, tazers, officer involved shootings and deaths, firearms and they just finished up vehicle pursuits. Davenport handed out the tentative police reports in order for the board to look over the policies and then next month discuss and vote on them.

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