Washington Post Study Results: Review of Police Driving Maneuver used to End Police Pursuits

A Washington Post study revealed that the Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT), a tactical driving maneuver technique used by law enforcement agencies, has produced deadly consequences.  

Virginia Beach, VA – September 15, 2020StarChase LLC, a leading GPS public safety technology company in the law enforcement and defense market, reveals a Washington Post study, Deadly Force Behind The Wheel. According to the report’s investigation and findings: since 2016, dozens of people have died, and hundreds have been injured — including some officers — when police used the maneuver to end pursuits.

The study sought to describe the extent of PIT related outcomes, the risks involved with utilizing this tactical driving approach during vehicle pursuits, and its impact on communities. In doing so, the study also uncovered that the actual total number of individuals who have been killed or injured because of the maneuver might actually be higher. Nationally, more than 18,000 agencies were not required to keep track of this data and were only able to provide policy confirmation, not how many chases have ended in PITs.

Safely managing high-risk vehicle events is an ever-present challenge for law enforcement. The decision to pursue is often driven by policy, training, and technology available to the agency. Tagging with StarChase allows for a reduced but effective response in the use of force continuum, and this allows agencies to facilitate safer outcomes. This is particularly relevant for law enforcement and our citizens during a time when appropriate use of force is being redefined in communities across America.

“I stand by agencies acquiring StarChase Technology as a way to reduce risk in law enforcement pursuits because it works. It’s as simple as that. Our(my) hope is that a StarChase Tag becomes the first line of defense used during all high-risk vehicle events,” Jason Cotton, Corporal, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office, GA.

StarChase’s GPS Solutions allow agencies to reduce potential risk and liability. Tagging and tracking the vehicle provides real-time visibility for agency members during emergency response, while removing inherent pursuit risk. StarChase provides agencies and officers valuable time to de-escalate and coordinate resources – to provide safer outcomes for law enforcement and the communities they serve.

“All agencies can benefit from this study’s findings and perhaps take a deeper look at these statistics and their pursuit policies. Although the PIT maneuver may allow officers to capture serious offenders, there are safer actions law enforcement agencies, legislative bodies, and city leaders can also endorse. Our officers are obligated to protect and serve – including on our roadways. With vehicle pursuits being the second most deadly event officers face – StarChase’s proven de-escalation tools provide our agencies with strategic means to respond to and safely manage their vehicle pursuit needs.” Trevor Fischbach, President, StarChase.

About StarChase:

StarChase provides multiple GPS technology solutions to public safety and government agencies worldwide. Our technology is a trusted resource for domestic and international agencies for managing high-risk events, surveillance, real-time situational awareness, and day-to-day operations. StarChase is privately held, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. StarChase Reduces risk. Saves Lives. Protects Communities.

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