Police chases and what’s at stake

By Patrick Nelson, koaa.com

In the Denver area Arvada Police are using a tool of their own. The StarChase GPS tracker deploys a sticky dart on the back bumper of the suspect vehicle allowing officers to track that suspect from a safe distance rather than engaging in a risky high-speed pursuit.

“The people we are dealing with in these cases are people who are usually heavy, or hardcore drug addicts. They are not in their right mind and we can’t predict whether that car is going to pullover or not when we turn the lights on,” Detective David Snelling of the Arvada Police Department

Snelling says the investment in this technology has paid off. In 2018, 21 officers deployed 63 darts resulting in 54 arrests. Aurora Police also use the technology and say so far this year tracking darts helped recover 14 vehicles and led to 13 arrests.

“Is this a cost effective tool? I think we will have to weigh that out over many years.> <I think in the big picture it’s a small amount to pay for just that comfort of feeling like we may not have to chase a car,” said Detective David Snelling of the Arvada Police Department.

Full story: https://koaa.com/news/news5-investigates/2019/05/13/news-5-investigates-police-chases-and-whats-at-stake/

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