Trapped in a Deadly Chase

By: Kavitha Surana, ProPublica, Brittany Mejia & James Queally, Los Angeles Times

Rethinking Chases

THE BORDER PATROL has the power to stem the damage, experts say.

It can reform its pursuit policy, said Gil Kerlikowske, who served as U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner under Obama.

“Clearly the policy needs to be rethought,” he said. “You think about the issues, the injuries, the humanitarian issues, but there is also an incredible cost of medical care and treatment.”

The Border Patrol can introduce more technological solutions. Alpert advocates StarChase, a GPS tag that shoots out to attach to a fleeing car, allowing officers to fall back and track it remotely. Many police departments use it, including the Arizona Department of Public Safety, which pursues heavily occupied vehicles along the border.

Full story: https://features.propublica.org/border-crashes/death-injuries-in-high-speed-border-patrol-chases/

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