Marshall Police Considering StarChase

StarChase, the maker of GPS tracking technology, held a demonstration for the Marshall Police Department Tuesday morning, in an effort to make them their newest client.

Chief Jesus ‘Eddie’ Campa seemed already convinced of the technology’s benefits before the demonstration.

Campa called Marshall a ‘major corridor’ for illegal activity including drug and sex trafficking, kidnapping, and stolen vehicles. Since January 2014, the Marshall police reported 43 high-speed chases, 97 stolen vehicles with 40 of those recovered, and 449 drug arrests.

“The main reason we want this for our department is to add that sense of security,” Campa said. “Bad guy goes to jail and nobody gets hurt. No vehicle damage, no property damage.”

Chief Campa said it is not a question of if, but when they can get the new technology on police vehicles.

He said he has some discretionary funds available and would like to see a few StarChase’s on a select number of vehicles in the next few months, for a trial run.

If the trial is successful, Chief Campa said he would like to add StarChase to all MPD vehicles.