Anaheim SWAT officers fatally shoot suspect after hours long standoff

By Law Officer

ANAHEIM, Calif. – On Tuesday at about 5 p.m., Anaheim Police investigators saw an adult male suspect, wanted for armed robberies, driving a stolen vehicle in the City of Santa Ana. With the assistance of the Anaheim Police Department’s helicopter “Angel,” two marked Anaheim police ground units attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle but the suspect fled and a police pursuit ensued.

Officers from the Santa Ana Police Department responded to assist in the pursuit, however, due to the suspect’s dangerous driving, the chase was terminated and the police helicopter continued to monitor the suspect’s driving activity, Anaheim Police Department said in a press statement.

“Angel” was monitoring the suspect’s vehicle when it was disabled after crashing into a railroad construction site in the area of Santa Ana Boulevard and Bristol Street, according to the Santa Ana Police Department. Read more here

Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested – StarChase Successfully Deployed

21-898 Police Officers observed a vehicle wanted in connection to a recent armed robbery. As they attempted a traffic stop, the suspect fled. As the vehicle accelerated away, police officers were able to use a StarChase GPS Tag to track the fleeing vehicle. As officers tracked the vehicle from a safe distance, they were able to coordinate an apprehension. The driver was tracked to a shopping center where he was arrested for armed robbery and eluding.

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