Police: Okla. man had uranium, whiskey and rattlesnake in stolen car

By: Michelle Hunter, NOLA Media Group

GUTHRIE, Okla. — A routine traffic stop in Guthrie, Okla., took an unusual turn when police discovered a bottle of whiskey, a canister of radioactive uranium, a rattlesnake and a gun in a stolen vehicle, KOKO-TV reported.

Stephen Jennings, 41, was driving through a neighborhood on the morning of June 26 when a Guthrie police officer pulled him over for an expired tag. Passenger Rachel Rivera was in the front seat, but the officer spotted a Timber rattlesnake in a terrarium on the backseat.

Pictured is Stephen Jennings. (Photo/Guthrie Police Department)

Though Jennings admitted there was an unpermitted pistol in the center console, a search of the car turned up an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey and a canister of yellow powder they later learned was radioactive uranium. Jennings and Rivera were arrested, though the charges from police do not include anything related to the snake or the uranium.

Full story: https://www.policeone.com/bizarre/articles/484398006-Police-Okla-man-had-uranium-whiskey-and-rattlesnake-in-stolen-car/