Texas officer recovering after being struck by SUV, saving man’s life

By: policeone.com

LUFKIN, Texas  — A Texas officer is recovering from injuries after being struck by an SUV that lost control while he was at the scene of a minor wreck.

According to The Lufkin Daily News, Officer Seth Thompson was working the wreck when a white SUV lost control and crossed lanes of traffic before entering the parking lot where the wreck was located.

Thompson was assisting couple Jerry Sneed and Cheryl Guillaume when the SUV veered into their direction, prompting the officer to push Sneed out of the way. Thompson was struck, but his quick actions saved Sneed’s life.

Full story: https://www.policeone.com/Officer-Safety/articles/483775006-Video-Texas-officer-recovering-after-being-struck-by-SUV-saving-mans-life/