High Speed Pursuit Alternatives

Our High Speed Pursuit Alternatives reduce risk, save lives, and protect communities.

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Technology for Safer Communities

High-risk vehicle events such as pursuits are a constant public safety challenge. StarChase Technology addresses this challenge with proven tools that reduce risk to life and property. Our technology provides law enforcement with the ability to tag, track, and safely apprehend a suspect without the need to engage in a deadly high speed pursuit.

StarChase law enforcement partners have proven they gain valuable time to assess, organize, and effect a safe arrest while avoiding the need for deadly pursuit. With over 10,000 tags deployed, lives saved, and millions of dollars in recovered assets, our technology is proving to be a valuable tool towards increased community safety.

4th Amendment

StarChase technology has been reviewed and approved by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
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Changing the Pursuit Script

StarChase technology is transforming the high-speed pursuit narrative by enabling first responders with tools to deescalate events and facilitate safer outcomes.

Recent Agency Feedback

We are proud to be part of the public safety mission. Take a look at what our customers are saying.
Georgia Agency

USA, Georgia

Because of the GPS tag, we didn’t have any of the chaos that most often accompanies a high-speed pursuit.
Texas Agency

USA, Texas

It’s an investment in the safety of your officers and an investment in the safety of the public.
Minnesota Agency

USA, Minnesota

The days of chasing for a moving or equipment violation are over; the danger to the public outweighs the need to apprehend.
California Agency

USA, California

Thank you for a quality and durable product. One of the most innovative pieces of technology I have seen in 26 years of law enforcement.
California Agency

USA, California

We were able to take in two men and a woman into custody after fleeing a traffic stop and leading multiple agencies in a four-county chase.
Missouri Agency

USA, Missouri

We know it’s our job as police officers to catch the bad guy. That’s what we do. This just helps us do that more effectively and safer.

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