New developments in St. Albans police cruiser crash

By Erin Noon, wowktv.com

ST. ALBANS, WV (WOWK) – St. Albans Police Chief Joe Crawford says the officer who crashed yesterday was on her way to assist in a police pursuit. “Our officer was responding, the crash is kind of separate from the pursuit,” said Crawford.

Police were trying to detain Timothy Workman, who has arrest warrants in Boone County. Workman was able to get away and is not in custody at this time. “We disengaged in the pursuit at that point. The supervisor responded to the crash scene,” said Crawford.

Crawford says every police agency has a different pursuit policy, some even have a “no-pursuit” policy, meaning they don’t chase suspects down. He says their policy contains many factors: Read more here

Answering the call for police reform: De-escalation tactics through training and technology

The decision to pursue is often driven by policy, training and the technology available to the agency. Should a pursuit ensue, the goal becomes to minimize risk by making the pursuit unnecessary or bringing it to a quick and safe conclusion. Fortunately, training and technology can help law enforcement in de-escalating high-risk vehicle pursuits.

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