Stolen Work Van Recovered, Auto Theft Suspect Arrested – StarChase Successfully Deployed

21-870 Police Officers, who were part of a special auto theft task force, observed a work van with no visible license plates affixed. The van was followed for a short time and officers attempted a traffic stop. The driver initially appeared as if they were going to pull over and then fled. Police Officers recognized the vehicle to match a stolen work van that was stolen the day prior in the same immediate area. As the stolen vehicle began to accelerate, police officers successfully deployed a StarChase GPS Tag onto the rear of the van. The stolen vehicle continued traveling at normal speeds despite failing to yield. Officers were able to keep an eye on the suspect and vehicle due to heavy traffic. While coordinating undercover resources, the drive came to a stop. The suspect threw the keys out of the vehicle and surrendered to officers before being taken into custody.

2023 Vehicular Pursuit Report | Provided by Police Executive Research Forum