Officials respond to plan to study high-speed chases

Keri Thornton, Tahlequah Daily Press, Okla.

Lawmakers want to take a closer look at pursuit policies in hopes of keeping innocent bystanders from becoming victims.

State Rep. Ajay Pittman, D-Oklahoma City, is taking charge with a high-speed chase study, which has a goal of reducing the number of injuries and deaths. Pittman would like a better understanding of pursuit policies and how state law enforcement respond to those chases.

“There are issues that must be addressed,” Pittman said. “There are concerns regarding these types of policies, as well as the transparency around them. This study is not being requested to condemn anyone. Our focus is to find ways to resolve our public safety issues, prevent deaths, and better serve our communities statewide.”

All law enforcement agencies have pursuit policies in place, but not every department handles them the same way.