‘Lucky’ that no police officers have died in spike of vehicle rams: Police Assoc boss

Figures show that 573 police vehicles have been rammed by an offender between 2017 and 2020.

Minister for Police, Poto Williams revealed the figures after National MP Simeon Brown sent written Parliamentary questions to her earlier this year.

Police Association president Chris Cahill told 1 NEWS ramming of police cars is now commonplace. 

“Ramming of police cars used to be rare, but is now a commonly-used act of aggression towards police,” Cahill said. 

He says the volume and seriousness of incidents involving the ramming of police cars is of increasing concern to the association.

“A few years ago, these were relatively rare, normally involved youths and were to break through some form of roadblock. However now they are commonplace and are regularly used as an act of aggression towards police, seriously endangering a number of officers, risking serious injury or even death.

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