Keep track of your most important assets

See how this officer safety tracking app provides secure command and control while keeping responders safe in a critical incident.

Any critical incident can quickly escalate into a response that demands multiple units and significant agency resources. When every second counts, how does command staff know how, when and where to deploy the right assets for a quick and effective response?
During a critical incident, making the right decisions about what assets to deploy where can become a matter of life and death. AppTrac-365 from StarChase can help. (Image/Getty)

Fill out the form below to download this free infographic on how StarChase’s AppTrac-365 location intelligence platform helps command staff make informed decisions, deploy and track assets and keep responders safe during a critical incident like an active shooter event.

You’ll learn how AppTrac-365 provides command staff with critical location intelligence to:

  • Identify and locate every on-duty unit.
  • Deploy specialty assets.
  • Help first responders stay safe.
  • And more.

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