Southwest State Agency Views StarChase as Risk Reduction Tool for Community Safety Efforts

New Mexico’s Legislative Finance Committee Recommends Agencies Should Evaluate and Consider the Use of Technology to Aid in Alternative Pursuit Policies

Virginia Beach, VA – September 07, 2018StarChase LLC, a leading GPS public safety technology company in the law enforcement and defense market, is pleased to share the State of New Mexico’s Legislative Finance Committee study, Review of the Criminal Justice System in Bernalillo County. The report’s findings include a recommendation to fund and use alternative technologies, such as StarChase, to avoid the risks associated with police pursuits.

The review from the Legislative Finance Committee sought to describe the extent of the crime in the Albuquerque region and to determine the likely causes. In doing so, the report recognized that high-speed pursuits in the region increased almost 400% from 2013-2017.

The committee review states, “However, because of the clear dangerousness of police pursuit(s), it is likely appropriate to limit pursuits as much as possible and to continue to employ and develop alternative methods like BCSO’s use of StarChase technology and air support.”

The report letter hopes Bernalillo County, and the state as a whole, will benefit from the study’s findings.

“StarChase is a public safety tool commonly to address a broad scope of crimes such as evading, stolen vehicles, narcotics, and human smuggling. We are pleased to have been recommended in the Finance Committee’s report and proud to be recognized as part of the solution towards decreasing vehicle and border related crimes”, said Trevor Fischbach, President, StarChase.

The full report can be found here (pp. 30-31).

About StarChase:

StarChase provides GPS tracking technology tools and solutions to public safety and government agencies worldwide. Our patented force multiplying technology empowers law enforcement, mitigates risk and protects communities. Technology solutions include multi-platform GPS tagging, tracking and locating technology (TTL), pursuit management, fleet and asset tracking and web based command, control solutions. The company has become a resource for agencies in over 40 states as well as internationally. StarChase is a privately held company based in Virginia Beach, VA.

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