StarChase’s Regional Center of Excellence

Police officer emergency service car driving street with siren light blinking ; Shutterstock ID 296752184; PO: police

Virginia Beach, VA – December 01, 2017 – StarChase LLC, a leading GPS public safety Technology Company in the law enforcement and defense market is proud to formally announce its Center of Excellence (COE) program. This program celebrates the accomplishments of StarChase agencies that have made outstanding contributions to improving law enforcement and community safety during high-risk vehicle events. The program also recognizes agencies that execute innovative and effective public safety programs devoted to addressing crime, mitigating risks, and positively impacting their community.

The COE program is a collaborative effort between StarChase and law enforcement agencies across the county and overseas. As a COE program member, agencies benefit from technology, training, and advocacy support; ultimately becoming a resource for positive multi-jurisdictional impact. Chosen COE agencies embrace the importance of implementing law enforcement’s best practices using progressive technology, training, and tactics.


Domestic and international law enforcement agencies must meet certain criteria to be accepted into the program.

Evaluation Criteria:

Agencies will be evaluated for overall performance, commitment, and collaboration. Criteria for selection include, but are not limited to –

  • Effective adoption of progressive law enforcement technology to mitigate risk, improve public safety and strive to protect the community
  • Commitment to utilizing policy with consideration to all community stakeholders
  • Track record of supporting other jurisdictions in enhanced tactics and response
  • CALEA Certification

The COE program allows agencies to collaborate to successfully reduce both physical and financial liabilities with public safety enforcement and share best practices and utilization with StarChase technology. To date, several StarChase agencies worldwide have met COE’s criteria. In 2018, StarChase will formally recognize Center of Excellence Police Departments and Sheriff Offices for their outstanding contribution to their community and the safety of both their agency and community members.


About StarChase:

StarChase provides GPS tracking technology tools and solutions to public safety and government agencies worldwide. Our patented force multiplying technology empowers law enforcement, mitigates risk and protects communities. Technology solutions include multi-platform GPS tagging, tracking and locating technology (TTL), pursuit management, fleet and asset tracking and web based command, control solutions. The company has become a resource for agencies in over 40 states as well as internationally. StarChase is a privately held company based in Virginia Beach, VA.

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